If You Believe Everything You’re Told

Lightning can’t strike the same place twice, there’s a reason

for everything that happens

God’s got a plan

you may have been born with a silver spoon

gotta know some see some things

others don’t see at all, some never

see the seriously ugly things unreasonable shit reappearing

bad bent pennies repeating

Unruh Whitman the Night Stalker Son of Sam Adam la la Lanza

Aileen Wuornos Cho Seung-hui the Zodiac

John Allen Muhammad

we fear we fancy our killers

give them ways to thrill, make us

feel so sad so alive but oh we never

let go guns

would be UnAmerican–  they’re so much fun

they save lives

we use them to put meat on the table

like the Donner Party did

like Charlie Manson his family carving knives.




I live in the Eye of a Hurricane.




Have a Tao Day.

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